In Episode 15 I speak with Tziporah Kingsbury, Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Educator and Breath Therapy Trainer, featured on ABC’s “The Bachelor”. She helps high achieving adults to leverage their emotional intelligence and to feel more connected to their mind and body. As a result they can feel safe, seen, and confident when it comes to creating meaningful connections and intimacy in their life.

Tziporah did not growing up planning to do this kind of work though, in face she started out as a competitive bodybuilder who ran a very successful nutrition and functional medicine training business in the mid nineties. She was a natural caregiver and so she would be given the clients who needed extra support and nurturing. She was very disconnected to her emotions and did a lot of things to numb herself out. One day she pushed herself so hard getting ready for a bodybuilding competition that she woke up barely able to walk, having gained 30lbs in 48 hours.

This was a wake up call for her and for the first time in her life she was forced to confront how disconnected and disassociated she was from her emotions and her body. She was forced to feel more physical and emotional pain that she had experienced in her life to date at the age of 27. She decided to sell everything and move to the Swiss Alps to begin her studying how to heal herself with 9 months of intensive training with many different instructors. It is there that she was introduced to breathwork and embarked on a lifelong learning and teaching journey.

She loves working with couples but many of her clients are single, divorced or widowed and usually in the age group of 50-65. In particular it is often high achieving men that really have it going on in the business world, but they feel like a fraud personally. They have fear of being vulnerable and they don’t even know how to access that. One of the biggest obstacles that seems to repeat in the clients that see her is that they have lost touch with their authentic identity . Their identity has been associated with their work in their career, or if they were married previously, their identity has been associated with as a couple in their marriage. She shares stories of people that have been helped with this work and the changes they have seen in their personal and professional lives as a result.

We also talk about how she helps people that are leaders in their workplaces and how it’s becoming more common to have more conscious leadership, to have more vulnerability amongst leaders. She develops mindfulness programs that combine breath work therapy and communication to develop emotional intelligence skills in the workplace. She teaches them to create comraderies with greater boundaries in the workplace and have greater conversations on topics they disagree on. We discuss that is more about how you say no and set boundaries that actually saying no. One of the biggest things that her clients take away is learning how to say no, not from a place of defense, from a place of invitation, and now they’re working as humans rather than machines.

She shares her experience on ABC’s TV show The Bachelor, how it came about, what it was like and the boundaries she needed to set with the producers to be able to teach authentically and add real value for the cast.

She teaches about something called the “window of tolerance” with our nervous system and how learning about self regulation and breathwork can help us to better support our minds and bodies in stressful times.

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