Jacia Kornwise is an Integral Counselor, a Master Shadow Coach, a 5 Rhythms Movement Certified Teacher, and Breathwork facilitator with extensive training in somatic and mindfulness tools, and she has thirty-one years of experience as an Embodied Soul Coach and Transformational Experience Facilitator. The creator of the Satori Healing Center, she teaches worldwide and offers courses online and in person. She is also a TEDx and event speaker.

Jacia explains her work as an embodied soul coach and transformational experience facilitator,telling us about the personal journey to get there explaining the importance of embodiment as a tool for healing and living an inspired life.

She also shares practical tips for how to build a self-care routine that works for each individual. Also discussed are the various ways that being present and in our bodies can improve our lives, from feeling more connected  to improving our relationships with others.

Jacia and Monica also discuss the power of overcoming fear and sharing personal stories and  emphasise the importance of vulnerability in communication and the impact it can have on others.

Jacia’s shares a bit about her journey to the TEDx stage and about various courses and programs she offers

You can learn more about Jacia at: https://www.jaciakornwise.com/

Or on linked in at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacia-kornwise-14b2a513/

Watch Jacia’s Tedx Talk here: https://youtu.be/16mDEFDgNiI?si=SauA1vBOVJEY6gxV


2 comments on “Grounding in Breath and Body with Jacia Kornwise

  1. Such great discovery and insight! Thank you both for sharing!

    1. Thanks Sabrina. Glad you enjoyed it.

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