On today’s show I am talking to Amie Webster who owns Motif Music Studios in Courtenay along with her husband Jeff. Amie is also a music teacher and mother of 3 young boys. She is with us to discuss handling a business while nurturing a rapidly expanding family and how Motif pivoted during COVID.

Rest and relaxation while on vacation in Costa Rica inspired Motif. Amie and her husband looked for a way they could create a positive impact in their community whilst earning a living. Amie originally taught music on her own for 13 years; she would move around from place to place trying to find her own space. Having her own space to teach has allowed Amie to build a community with other music teachers and their students.

One of the core values of Motif is individuality and encouraging students in their own interests and strengths. With the pandemic, Motif had to make the  pivot to online teaching. They began using a program called Musico that works alongside Zoom to keep lessons streamlined for their students and families. On of the upsides offering lessons online is an expanded reach and seeing students attend who ordinarily wouldn’t be access the quality of instruction in smaller communities.

The initial pain point of the online transition was the sheer stamina required.  They only had 2 weeks over spring break to take their operation online. They also lost some teachers who needed to be at home with their own families during lockdown. With a young family and so many responsibilities, Amie admits that there is always fallout when running a business. It takes a village, not very much sleep, and a lot of co-operation to keep things at home and at work running smoothly.

To end today’s show, Amie talks about creating boundaries both in your business and home life, as well as being kind to yourself.

Connect with Amie:

Website: https://www.motifmusicstudios.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI8DnMDyC30x3j3jzMArAkg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motifmusicstudios/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/motifmusic/

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  1. Amie says:

    This interview was such a gift! You are an incredible hostess, Monica, with such thoughtful questions. I loved our conversation and hope it will be encouraging to other to!

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