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Juggling Without Balls

 Welcome to the podcast! Every week I will speak to successful women who juggle it all. Together we will dive into the joys and challenges of juggling relationships, kids, aging parents, work, dating, school, health and more! Grab a coffee, pull up a seat and enjoy the show!

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Latest Episodes

Embracing True Self-Worth: Beyond Work and Achievements with Rebecca Bitton

Episode Description: In this episode of “Juggling without Balls,” host Monica Parkin sits down with Rebecca Bitton to explore her experiences with burnout, mental illness and the journey of...

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The 5 Elements with Dondi Dahlan

  Dondi Dahlan is not just an award-winning author, but a dynamic force in the realms of personality exploration and energy healing. Dondi penned the captivating “The Five Elements,”...

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From Prison to Purpose with Cheryl Armstrong

Join us as we explore Cheryl’s extraordinary journey from incarceration to entrepreneurship, earning an M.A. in Humanities during her twenty-six years in prison.  In this episode we : Explore...

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Walking through Grief with Jenn Cormier

On  today’s episode, Grief Guide, Jenn Cormier brings two decades of experience in Somatic Healing and the Arts to those navigating life transitions and grief. As the creator of...

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Breast Implant Dangers with Cheyenne Burnett

My guest today is Cheyenne Burnett, she is  women’s health advocate, author, and speaker. As the founder of ExplantSecrets.com, she has emerged as a leading authority on breast implant...

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Is Your Tight Ass Causing you Back Pain with Michelle Andrie

 “Is Your Tight Ass Causing You Back Pain” with Michelle Andrie” In this episode, join Michelle Andrie, a dedicated yoga therapist specializing in myofascial release and the energy body,...

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