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Juggling Without Balls

 Welcome to the podcast! Every week I will speak to successful women who juggle it all. Together we will dive into the joys and challenges of juggling relationships, kids, aging parents, work, dating, school, health and more! Grab a coffee, pull up a seat and enjoy the show!

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Latest Episodes

Mental Health Matters with Jocelyn Bystrom

I am talking to Jocelyn Bystrom today, teacher on medical leave, turned writer and mental health advocate. Jocelyn will take us through her 7-year struggle to get answers to...

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Snack Video Dating with Kim Kaplan

I am talking to Kim Kaplan today, Founder and CEO of the Snack dating app. Kim joins us to discuss the inspiration, the journey, and what the future holds...

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Cannabinoid Medicine with Dr. Rachna Patel

On today’s show I am talking to Dr. Rachna Patel, a physician that specializes in cannabinoids and has been treating patients with CBD and medical marijuana since 2012. Dr....

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Mindset Matters with Susan Thomas

Today I’m talking to Susan Thomas, the Vice President of Eastern Canada for InvIs Mortgage Intelligence. Susan is passionate about health and fitness and is certified as a level...

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A Compassionate and Curious Eye with Karen McKinnon

In this episode I am talking to Karen McKinnon, owner of McKinnon Photography and Director of Family Services at Habitat for Humanity North Island, in this episode. Karen will...

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Letting go of Judgement with Christine Buemann

In this episode I speak to Christine Buemann of the Collective Mortgage Group in Prince George BC. Christine is the winner of many awards, including the prestigious CMP Women...

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