The Teen Brain with “Positive Mom”, Elayna Fernandez

Elayna Fernandez


Known worldwide as the Positive MOM, Elayna Fernández is a bestselling author, two time Ted X speaker, internationally acclaimed storyteller, and award-winning mom entrepreneur. As founder of The Positive MOM Community, Elayna helps moms turn their painful stories into bestselling books, profitable courses, and well-crafted impactful talks so that they can earn passive income as inspiring messengers and digital entrepreneurs. Her award-winning Emotional Wholeness programs inspire millions of moms worldwide to break cycles, find peace, and feel whole.



Being called a Positive Mom, Elayna shares her story of one day laying down and having a head full of suicidal thoughts, being almost homeless, with no money as well as her family being far away from her which was an agonizing situation. At that moment when she didn’t know what to do, she just took a paper and wrote about who she wanted to be not who she was in that moment,  this worked as a motivation to carry on with life.  And from that moment onwards she decided to “be positive” and  help mothers in that dark place to stand up for themselves.



She also talks about Ephebiphobia which is the fear of teenagers. The representation of teens by media for decades has shown teens as being shallow, careless, lazy, rude, etc.. But it’s quite the opposite, their brains are growing and they are trying to prove themselves and seeking identity from adults who are often parenting from their own trauma and judge them and hurt them when they need them the most.  We talk about how to change old patterns and  Elayna offers some really great suggestions for parents of teens.




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  1. Gloria Larson says:

    Wonderful and insightful podcast!! Thank you 🙂

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