Today we have the honor of diving into an incredible journey with Mandy Salas .At the age of 16, Mandy  was a rising star in soccer and a straight-A student with dreams of college, until a tragic overseas car accident left her quadriplegic. Join me as we unravel Mandy’s story of not just survival, but of thriving and overcoming incredible obstacles to realize her dreams of college, career and family

Despite her physical limitations, Mandy has been able to achieve many goals, including going to college, having a career in TV and starting a family.  The importance of mindset and how Mandy has been able to maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity, was also discussed. She shared how a pep talk from an athlete who attempted to swim the English Channel helped her keep going one stroke at a time, and how she was able to shift her mindset and stay positive during difficult times in the hospital.

The meeting also touched on her degree in international relations inspired her to pursue a career in television, and how she landed her first job in TV. The challenges of navigating parenthood and quadriplegia were also discussed, including the need for assistance with day-to-day tasks. Amanda shared her experience of leaning on help from caregivers to breastfeed her baby for six months and with driving her vehicle.

Finally, Amanda discussed her plans to share her story and experiences from the past 30 years, in a memoir and with public speaking, which she believes will help raise awareness and inspire others. Despite the challenges she has faced, Amanda remains optimistic and continues to work out to stay in good shape for when the science advances further in this field.




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