On  today’s episode, Grief Guide, Jenn Cormier brings two decades of experience in Somatic Healing and the Arts to those navigating life transitions and grief. As the creator of the ‘Walk Through Grief With Grace’ Podcast and the visionary behind the ‘HEAL Immersion Program,’ Jenn provides a unique approach for those ready to embrace life’s transitions with open hearts.

Together we have a thoughtful and heartfelt conversation about grief, sharing personal experiences and insights. Jenn answers the question of what to say to someone who is grieving and how to best support a friend or loved one through grief.  She also tells us  about the consequences of pushing down grief rather than moving with it and the importance of tailored support and understanding for those experiencing grief. Jenn also highlights the collaborative nature of honoring the deceased and the needs of those left behind, underscoring the healing power of meaningful actions in the grieving process.

We delve into the physicality of grief as something that is not just experienced in the mind but also the body and to need to let go of a timeline for grieving. We also uncover the possibility of finding beauty and transformation in grief, sharing personal stories of creating spaces for remembrance and highlighting the potential for transformation and healing.


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