In Episode 12 I speak to Danielle Dobson, author of The Gender Code.

Danielle is a speaker, facilitator, author, corporate advisor and mother, with an extensive background in corporate finance and then in the wellness industry. Danielle conducted a 2-year grounded-theory research project to understand why her clients were struggling with the tension of achieving at work and at home, thinking they were failing at both, feeling exhausted and facing burnout. 

She interviewed over 50 women (and men) who are leaders in their profession and leading at home – as lead parents. Following a deep-dive into gender related challenges, her work resulted in a book, Breaking the Gender Code. Now, she is on a mission: to help bring more gender balance to families, workplaces and society by breaking the Gender Code – exposing it, decoding it and re-coding it.

In this interview we talk about:

  • her reason for embarking on this ground breaking research
  • what surprised her most about the results
  • how Charles Darwin got it wrong and why
  • what we can learn from Bonobos
  • how leadership skills and parenting go hand and hand
  • the default response when women feel overwhelmed and overworked
  • how the monetary value we place on different jobs has a cascade effect on everything else we do
  • how and why women are culturally conditioned to  devote so many resources of external packaging and presentation
  • the danger of perfectionism and how to break free from it
  • understanding the impact of the gender code so women can operate at their fullest position at home, work and in their communities.

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