Rhythm Jewelry with Tasha Sattler

Joining me today is Tasha Sattler from Rhythm Jewellery. Tasha is a goldsmith with over 20 years of experience in the industry and is here to discuss her trade, how and why she makes jewellery focused on dancers, and balancing jewellery creation with her family life.  

In high school, Tasha worked in a jewellery store part-time and continued to work there after graduation. For her, being a goldsmith is a way to combine artistry with a job that can provide for her family as well. She graduated with a Certificate in Goldsmithing and CAD Design for Jewellery in 2008, meaning she is trained in both traditional jewellery making techniques and new technology-based design.

Four years ago, Tasha began Rhythm Jewellery, which is a company that creates gold and sterling silver jewellry inspired by the love of dance. With a family and a home studio, balancing the workload was something she had to learn. Early on, Tasha established her strongest areas and where time could be saved by hiring other goldsmiths to help her. Now she regularly hires others to help her with projects, allowing her to spend her time on the areas she is best at. Building trust and relationships with other professionals has been key in building her business and success.

Tasha’s business is split between repairs and design. There is an ebb and flow to her work, which has become a little less predictable thanks to the pandemic. Tasha isn’t a dancer, but has professional dancers as friends who would order jewellery for gifts. From there, the idea sprouted and grew. Now, Tasha is creating fine jewellery collaborations with a number of well known dancers.

We also hear about Tasha’s family life and the processes she utilizes to create, fix, and remount jewellery.

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