Barbara Cook is a passionate, results-driven sales professional with more than 19 years of experience in the financial services industry.

A true people person, Barbara is currently VP of Franchise Development, where she implements and maintains a strategic plan to advance sales growth for the Mortgage Centre Network internally and externally.

Monica and Barbara start off by discussing the  often used term of “woo” and what it means to tap into something bigger than yourself. Barbara shared her personal experiences of ignoring  intuition and regretting it, and talked about how synchronicity can guide decision-making.

Monica and Barbara also compared different approaches to goal-setting, and the idea of focusing on the feelings associated with achieving a goal, rather than the goal itself. They also talked about the challenges of balancing personal and professional goals in a male-dominated industry, and the need to prioritise relationships and personal growth alongside professional success.

Lastly, they had a candid conversation about the sometimes self imposed pressure to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities and discussed the importance of giving up some tasks and delegating instead of trying to do everything oneself. They also touched on the idea of rejection being a form of protection and the importance of not giving up, even when things don’t go as planned. Lastly they talked about Barbara’s new favourite book, you”ll need to tune into the episode to learn what it is!

Overall, the conversation was a powerful reminder of the importance of listening to your intuition, leaning on gratitude, self-care and self-compassion in a world that often demands too much of us.

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