I am joined by Christina Rozema today, a wellness coach at Wellness New Perspective. Christina has over 20 years of experience working in the non-profit and healthcare field and now uses her knowledge to coach people in healthcare. We’ll hear about the stress-induced heart attack that changed her life and her commitment to learning about what stress truly can do.

From Executive Director of a non-profit mental health service to Operational Director of a local hospital, Christina has extensive experience in her field. As the director of the hospital, it was her job to prepare the team for the upgrade from an old hospital to a new building. It changed so many aspects of the hospital day-to-day, from layout to mindset.

No matter how hard Christina and her team tried to prepare, it would never be enough because, as humans, we build habits and neural pathways that we don’t easily break. During those months, the work was relentless and self-care fell by the wayside. Once they were finally settled, the pandemic hit. The only coping skill teams had was just to work harder.

In summer 2020, it came to a head when a cluster of seemingly benign symptoms actually turned out to be a massive heart attack. Women present very different symptoms than men when it comes to heart attacks. Christina ended up having to have an angioplasty and stents put into her heart. Then, after doing everything recommended, she had another.

Christina also explains the importance of women being their own healthcare advocates and how to communicate what their body is feeling to providers.








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