In this episode I speak to Christine Buemann of the Collective Mortgage Group in Prince George BC. Christine is the winner of many awards, including the prestigious CMP Women of influence award 2 years in a row. She has been vocal in speaking about the difficulties of being a parent and starting out as an entrepreneur and we have a great discussion about this topic, among others.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How her dad would pay her to read non fiction books and how that helped her to cultivate financial literacy and responsibility at a young age
  • Living on her own at 15, applying for her first credit card at 18 and buying her first home at the age of 19
  • Continuing to purchase revenue properties and how those experiences helps her to relate to her clients needs
  • Choosing a business that would give her the freedom to work her own hours and raise her family in the way that worked best for all of them
  • Developing her sense of empathy through life experiences and letting go of fear in the process
  • Feeling like she didn’t fit in as a mom or in the corporate world , being out of place and not having a tribe as a new mom.
  • Working on making her home a judgement free place and the realization that comparison is really the trigger for judgement
  • The importance of letting kids develop at their own speed in their own way and celebrating their uniqueness
  • Getting COVID and working in isolation while sick
  • The difference between working from the office and working from home
  • The silver linings of the pandemic and how its helped her engage with others without the travel that is usually required in her remote community
  • Mapping out her customer journey to create efficiencies and free up time for herself and her clients
  • Why she values time much more than materials things.
  • The advise she would give her younger self

You can find Christine at

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