Inspired by a pivotal 1979 event, Carla shares her journey and the Organizational Readiness Framework.

We discuss:

  • Carla’s Journey and Organizational Readiness Insights (6:00)
  • The importance of effective leadership conversations to prevent project issues. (11:03)
  • The complexities of change, grief, and the proactive approach needed for thoughtful responses. (13:39)
  • Overview: setting the stage, understanding goals, and reverse engineering with readiness in mind. (18:40)
  • Unified leadership and engaged stakeholders are crucial for successful change management. (20:53)
  • Framework for change management, involving conversations, communication plans, and change agents. (30:33)
  • Emphasis on collaboration, vision alignment, and advice for women in leadership roles. (34:50)
  • Strategies for overcoming challenges in change management and finding one’s “Zone of Genius.” (38.44)
  • Exploring the impact of metaphors in understanding and managing change. (44:11)
  • Preview of Carla Lewis’ upcoming workshop and closing thoughts on change management. (46:41)


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