Carissa Wilson – Student Unions and Post Secondary Education

Carissa Wilson (she/they) is the Executive Director of the North Island Students Union,  a not-for-profit student organisation supporting all credit earning students at North Island College. Carissa didn’t know about her students’ union while studying in the electrical trade and aims to increase awareness for students associations and the supports they contribute to the post secondary experience. A mother to two teen Metis sons, Carissa has taken a wandering path.

In this episode, Monica and Carissa delve into the pivotal role of advocacy and support services at the Students Union.  Carissa shares her transition from the electrical trade to her present role, influenced by her exposure to vulnerable work environments and a dedication to workers’ rights.

Carissa and Monica discuss the significance of students recognizing their own influence in education and offer actionable counsel like engaging instructors, fostering relationships, and documenting interactions. They also delve into the contrast between assertiveness and aggression, urging awareness of this when self-advocating.

In the latter part, Carissa spotlights the NISU services, from legal aid to mental health resources like counselling and the Early Assist program. She underscores self-care and community support, urging students to leverage available resources. She also shares personal strategies for achieving work-life balance and managing communication preferences.


North Island Students’ Union

British Columbia Federation of Students

Find your local student union and learn what services, community and advocacy they provide.

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