My guest today is Cheyenne Burnett, she is  women’s health advocate, author, and speaker. As the founder of, she has emerged as a leading authority on breast implant illness education, providing effective and affordable solutions for those in need. Cheyenne’s passion lies in helping women regain their health and confidence. Cheyenne also recently graced the TEDx stage to share her story and raise awareness for this important topic.

On the show today we talk about:

  • Her own experience with getting implants and the age of 19, the expectations of a society that fostered that decision and the series of symptoms and unexplained illness that followed.
  • The potential dangers of implants and the challenges of having them safely removed.
  • Discussion around the fact that much of the medical community still does not recognize the existence of breast implant illness and the lack of any kind of national database to track and document cases
  • Changes to legislation, labelling and advocacy and what the future holds for women considering implants

For our listeners who want to explore this further, be sure to visit Cheyenne’s website at

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