Angee Costa

Joining me today is Angee Costa, Chief Executive Officer at ‘846 Global Publishing Company’. She is a Cohost of the ‘On the Steps – Podcast’ as well CEO at ‘Mogul Mommy Industries’ which offers education on Real estate investing, publishing and entrepreneurship through the youtube channel The Single Mum Entrepreneur..

Angee shares her journey with us, all the way from being an avid early reader to writing her first book, to the inspiration and challenge of starting a publishing company during COVID. She offers advise for aspiring writers on how to begin and also insight into the start to finish process of writing, editing, publishing and marketing a book.

When asked how she balances her personal and professional life, she says her life is work and her work is life and when you love what you do sometimes they blend together.  She is blessed to have her children working with her which makes her work time her children time. We also talk about her how introversion has helped her to be as successful as she is.

You can learn more about Angee, her ventures and her podcast on her website at

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