Canine Rehabilitation with Amy Granacki

Joining me today is Amy Granacki, a Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital. Amy will take us on a journey through the eyes of CCR along with what prompted her to choose this profession. She will also give us tips and tricks and how we can better take care of our pets as owners, improve their mobility, lower the risk of injuries, and many more.

While working as a Veterinary Technician at different practises, Amy got to experience various scenarios of pet injuries, surgeries and their management. She developed both skills and interest in working with injuries and how small steps can bring a big change in the lives of animals.

Since a CCR doesn’t diagnose the patient, the pets are first diagnosed by a veterinarian and then when needed, the CCR work comes into action. A team of Veterinary professionals that include Amy, formulate a plan of to support the best possible recovery and support for the animal and the owner.

When asked about the most common injuries seen in dogs, Amy tells us that cruciate injuries along with hip dysplasia and tendonitis top the list.  Cruciate tears and hip dysplasia can be managed and minimized with proper diet and exercise, but a lot of it has to do with genetics also. Amy tells us that many injuries are aggravated by poor nutrition during the growing phase as well as smooth flooring that has impacted the number of injuries in pets due to its slippery nature and lack of traction. She suggests the owner have carpets runners in place at the top and bottom of stairs and besides beds, so pets have traction when landing and taking off.

Amy also talks about obesity and its relation to the mobility of pets. A pound of extra weight pushes 4 pounds of extra force on the joints which increases risk and severity of injuries.

To end the episode, Amy advises paying attention to and documenting changes in our pets mobility by video to share with our Veterinarians since early diagnosis can prevent additional pain or worsening of existing problems.

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